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How to Run a Fitness Study
Once upon a time I ran a multi-purpose health club that was afraid of the 21-day Fitness Study. "How do we do this?Ē "Do we have enough staff?Ē "Can we afford it?Ē Those are just a few of the objections ...MORE >
What Has Your Website Done for You Lately?
Websites are high-functioning, integrated marketing tools that should be working for you 24/7. I believe all the marketing you do for your club or studio, whether in print or digital, should begin and end with your website.... MORE >

Q1: The Referral Campaign

Happy New Year! 2014 has just begun and as is every New Year, it is a gift full of promise and growth yet to be realized. Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and turn to page one of your Marketing Plan!
...MORE >

Let's Make a Marketing Plan

Itís a new year and as tradition dictates, itís time to make a resolution to get better at something this year. I say, letís make a marketing resolution! Why not? ...

Summer - A Perfect Time for Your Marketing Checklist!
Welcome to summer! Unless you are on the west coast of the country where it is summer twelve months of the year, most health clubs will slow down until the little kiddies get ready...MORE >

Should I Stay or Should I go? - Member Retention in Your Club
At times it seems that for any club, even their best members can start to lose their motivation. They visit the club less and less frequently, and horror, they may even cancel their membership. What has happened to them? Perhaps if we can begin to...MORE >

How Long is a Piece of String
It?s a seemingly irrelevant question isn't it! Although, does it make any less sense than questions such as: How do I get fit? Or, how do I market my business? There is always more than one right answer....MORE >

The Beginners Guide to Facebook
A quick and easy guide to everything you need to start a page for your business,
from how to post, upload photos, videos and much more....DOWNLOAD NOW >

Marketing 101: Owners Never Plan to Fail but Often Fail to Plan!

You need a marketing plan. Without one, you are like a person in a dark room trying to find something.
...MORE >

Stay Ahead of Your Competition:
Every club owner faces the same question: How do I increase revenues and stay
ahead of my competition with a sluggish economy and rising costs?
...MORE >

Our Surefire Marketing Solution for Your Club:
In the fitness club industry, 40% of our clients leave each year. We must replace them
and find even more in order to remain profitable.
...MORE >

How Direct Mail Can Boost Your Networking Efforts:
10 Tips to Help You Get the Results You Want. You have to market to
stay ahead in business today. Even if you live in a small community,
...MORE >

Ready. Aim. Fire. Fire. Fire!
During the turn of the century, a junior U.S. Navy Officer gave his superiors
an idea of constantly firing upon targets using a method of continuous-aim firing.
...MORE >

Welcome to the Hilton ...we have beds!
One of the hardest things to do in marketing is connect emotionally to your prospect. Telling them how much stuff you have in your club just doesn't do it, which makes me wonder why so many clubs ...MORE >