Social Media Marketing

Status updates, tweets, sharing videos and tagging people are everywhere.

There are over 500 million people worldwide on Facebook with over 50% of them logging in daily. These simple, effective and wildly popular social media sites can have a huge impact on your business through the sharing of information, building retention with your fans and followers while helping solidify your position as a leader in the market place.

As with any other marketing tool, you have to be consistent. If your Social Media isn't current, it isn't relevant! That's where we come in. It takes time, planning, fore-thought and has to work within your overall marketing strategy. It's not just a forum to sell and promote your services, but an opportunity to tell your story, build your brand, share success and impart your passion.

Our team of Digital Divas have put together these options to help you get in front of your fans, followers, members and their friends consistently and effectively. Our goal has always been to maximize your brand and message in the most effective way possible.

We're here for the long run!
We also have updating and monitoring services (daily, weekly, or monthly) available for those that know they want it, need it, but just don't have the time or resources to dedicate to it. The only way these work is if you maintain them regularly, have a plan and strategy and are committed.

Social Media Marketing:
Plan. Execute. Benefit.
Let us show you how.
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Social media is not just about your brand. It is also about the things that are relevant to your brand

Benefits of Social Media Marketing:

  • create another forum for your members, fans and followers to stay in touch with you
  • share your passion, successes and services in a cost-effective format
  • inexpensive, convenient and immediate
  • helps improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • post videos
  • promotes sense of community and belonging
  • average Facebook user has 116 friends - do the math!

What SKB can do for you:

  • Basic Set-up and Training
  • Set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Set up YouTube account
  • Set up FB to push your feeds to Twitter to simplify process
  • Teach you how to use in a one hour training session
  • Share our experience and best practices
  • Provide logos to add to your web site
  • Provide How-to PDF as handy reference guide
  • ONLY $499

Advanced Package - Includes all of above plus...

  • Add up to 25 photos to your image gallery
  • Add up to 5 videos to your video library
  • Add logos/links to Facebook and Twitter to your web site
  • Add Live Facebook Feed or SMM Tool bar to your site - see images
  • ONLY $799