Launch A Holiday Referral Promotion Now!

Holiday Referral Promotion

This is how
it works:
Current members are given a referral card where they list the names and contact info for 3-5 friends for sales staff to contact to be a guest of the member at the Club. Members receive a special "Holiday? t-shirt for every referral card they turn in with a minimum of 3 names on it.

On designated days, members who wear their Holiday T-shirt to work out at the Club receive entry into a special weekly drawing.

A drawing is held each week for smaller prizes (club bucks, PT sessions, spa services, free smoothies or prizes related to the Grand Prize)

Sales Staff are busy calling names from the referral cards to invite guests to the club for classes, events, with special incentive for them to join the Club. Guests who come in from referral cards are entered into the weekly drawing.  Once they join, the guest AND the referring member are entered into the GRAND prize drawing.

Guests who join are then given a referral card to list friends names etc..and get a free Holiday Promo T-shirt!

Promotion ends with all current and new members invited to a holiday club party!

Tips for success:

  • Decide on a grand prize theme that lends itself to weekly prize drawings: gift certificates, shopping sprees, Ski, Vacations
  • If possible, decorate the club and use staff costumes (hats, aprons, silly shirts) to promote the program
  • Post a listing of weekly winners from the prize drawings.  This will help bring attention to the event!
  • Get your sales staff out of the office handing out the referral cards!  Have as many staff as possible handing these out to members!
  • You could add another layer to the contest by having staff initial the referral cards before giving them to members.  The staff person who has the most referral cards turned in gets a prize!

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