Tools and Ideas

Tools and Ideas | Susan K. Bailey Marketing & Design

Creative ideas keep your advertising fresh, attractive, appealing and intriguing.
The right tools provide insightful strategies and market-tested promotions that work hard
to bring new members to your club. Your next brilliant promotion starts here!

Prospect Marketing
The Prospect is the 'life blood' of the fitness club industry,
and we need a constant supply.
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Marketing to Your Members
Make the most of a captive audience: members. Members
provide a great opportunity to promote profit centers ...MORE >

Indispensable Marketing Tools
SKB is constantly researching new and innovative
marketing mechanisms that define your market
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Website and Email Marketing
Make the world wide web work for you! Turn your website into a magnificent marketing machine and reinforce your marketing with member and prospect email messages ...MORE >
Guerilla Marketing
Or, how to get maximum results from minimal resources. Embrace the unconventional with promotions that rely on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget ...MORE >