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Website Transfer

We talk to business owners everyday and more and more hear how frustrating it is to keep their web site up-to-date. Every time they want a small change it's a couple hundred dollars, takes days and weeks to get things done, no one answers their calls...sound familiar?

It doesn't have to be that way! When we decided to jump into the world of web sites and digital marketing, we were adamant we didn't want to be a web company that builds and maintains web sites. We are a marketing company and we continually strive to deliver cost-effective solutions for all your marketing needs. As such, all of our sites run on a platform model where you have access and control over the majority of your site:
  • Update a schedule, check
  • Change your hours, check!
  • Add new pages or move pages around, check.
  • Add a new form to capture leads or a sign up form, check!

The proof is
in the results!

This new website allows for far greater flexibility and updating options, plus keeps viewers attention with a new, modern design,
, easy access to group fitness schedules and important club news plus the must-have
lead capture tool

The SKB solution - transfer your site into our platform!

Simply call or email us with your web address and we'll take a look and let you know if you are a candidate for this. Your site will look identical but you can now edit, expand and manage your own site. We'll teach you how and also offer 24-hour online support. No more waiting. No more big bills. No more frustration. If you are in need of a fresh look, you can select one of our great looking templates and we can transfer all of your content to give you a fresh look without the expense of a complete redesign.

Some of the features and modules included in our platform
that can be added to your site during the transfer include:

  • Lead Capture - The main focus for your website should be, of course, to capture leads. We do this by incorporating a large button to promote your free trial or special offer, if your existing site does not have one. With notifications going to your email as well as the site's admin area, you can check on your leads at any time, plus, all information gathered is directly linked for use with the email newsletter module.
  • Refer a Friend - This is the same basic idea as outlined above but is specifically directed toward your existing members. Again both the email-type and instant-type forms are available, and all information is captured and saved in the administration side of the the site and is directly connected to our Email Newsletter Module.
  • The Calendar Module - Another important concern for all fitness clubs is displaying group fitness schedules in an easy-to-read, easy-to-download format. SiteApex includes many options from simple tables, to clickable calendars to downloads.
  • Newsletter/Email Module - Create and send email newsletters to your lead capture lists or an uploaded member list at any time and as often as you wish, all included with the SiteApex platform.
  • The Form Manager - SiteApex's Form Manager also allows form creation for any type of lead capture form you wish to create: from newsletter signup, to contact us forms, to a form for corporate leads, the list is endless!
  • There are many other modules available to 'plug in' to your new site, like a blog, photo gallery, file manager, discussion board, staff list more more.

All transfers are fully functioning, include up to 100 email addresses,
allow you to set up different users and lock down what they can see/change
and are a fraction of the cost of a completely new web site!
Let us alleviate the stress of your web site and
turn it into a marketing machine that works 24/7/365!